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How to Bind Off in Pattern

Bind Off In Pattern
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About This Technique

Binding off in pattern is a technique often used when finishing a rib pattern. By binding off knits as knits and purls as purls you can keep your project from flaring as well as making the bind off a little neater and less obvious.

[Video] Technique Tutorial

Technique Instructions

Note: These instructions are for binding off in a 1 x 1 rib pattern, but the principle is the same for all binding off in pattern.

    • Step 1: Knit your first stitch as normal.
    • Step 2: Purl your second stitch as normal.
    • Step 3: Slip the first stitch over the second stitch.
    • Step 4: Knit one.
    • Step 5: Slip stitch over the new stitch.
    • Step 6: Purl one.
    • Step 7: Slip stitch over the new stitch.
    • Step 8: Repeat steps 4-7 until you have one stitch on your needle.

When you have one stitch left, break (or cut) your yarn and pull tight.

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