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How We Got Here

In 2011 I started teaching knitting online through my YouTube channel New Stitch A Day.

At the time there weren’t many folks making knitting tutorials, but I wanted to find a way to teach online classes live.

We hosted our first LIVE knitting classes back in August of 2012, but the technology was not ready for primetime. It was expensive and low quality but it was a great experiment in connecting with our audience in a way no one else was at the time.

Those first four classes led the way to the Yarn Craft Academy, where we produced new classes every month through most of 2013. Some of those classes are still available in the Yarnist Academy today.

In 2016 we launched the Black Sheep Society, a monthly subscription box that was the first to include online classes with each kit. While we decided to retire the box those classes are also still available today.

Then in 2020 we the campaign for Yarnist Magazine right before the pandemic threw a huge wrench in our plans. While we were able to produce one full issue and a holiday e-book, too much had changed from our original vision and I needed to rethink our path forward.

One bright spot was EVERYONE was now using Zoom to connect online. Teaching high quality online classes LIVE was finally possible. So we launched our first live workshop at the end of 2021.

I also introduced the new format for The Yarnist as a daily email newsletter in September 2022, and that was the beginning of this wonderful community.

What We’ve Accomplished So Far

Since we started hosting live workshops we’ve added 13 new classes, growing our library to more than 50.

We’ve published more than 100 articles through The Yarnist, and created a thriving community with the Yarnist Society.

And a few months ago we introduced regular KALs, helping our members to challenge themselves to learn new skills.

The feedback has been beyond positive and I’m so humbled and grateful for all of our members that make this a warm and inviting place to learn and grow.

Today I want to set the vision for The Yarnist for the rest of this year and a bit beyond.

Where We’re Going

I have been very ambitious with my plans over the years. I’ve had lots of ideas and tried lots of new things. But the success of the Yarnist thus far has been because of a focus on three key things:

  • Curiosity – Exploring the culture of knitting and yarn craft through our daily newsletter
  • Creativity – Learning new skills and practicing them by knitting new projects
  • Community – Growing together by sharing our knowledge, our failure, and our success with each other.

This is the core of what makes The Yarnist work, and going forward we’re doubling down on these things.

Here’s what we’ve got planned…


Not only do we have a bunch of new live workshop planned through the end of the year, we’re going to be bringing back some previous workshop so more people can experience them live.

Here’s what’s coming up:

  • Aug 19 – Advanced Knitting Stitches (Clusters, Gathers, Wraps, and Threading)
  • Sep 2 – Ultimate Guide to Getting Gauge
  • Sep 23 – Portuguese Knitting
  • Oct 7 – 2 At A Time Top Down Socks
  • Oct 21 – 2 At A Time Toe Up Socks
  • Nov 11 – Special Workshop (TBA)
  • Nov 25 – Special Event (See below)
  • Dec 9 – Stocking Ornament
  • Dec 23 – Ornament Workshop (not-live)


We introduced regular KAL challenges earlier this year and they’ve been a HUGE hit with our community. Just this week we finished up a summer tee KAL and the results have been gorgeous.

However, we’re going to be focusing our KALs on shorter projects that can be finished in a week or two max. Those projects are still in the works but will be inspired by our LIVE workshop topics so you can practice what you’ve learned


Our bootcamps are like extended knit-a-longs that include A TON of additional resources to help you succeed. And our masterclasses are short but intense trainings that help you achieve a specific goal in just a few days. These are in addition to Yarnist Society membership but at a big discount.

Here’s what we have coming up:

Sweater Knitting Bootcamp • Sep 25th – Nov 20th

This 8-week bootcamp will teach you everything you need to know to knit a custom fit sweater from the top down. You’ll begin by learning how to select the perfect yarn for you. Then we’ll use your gauge and personal measurement to create a custom sweater pattern. Finally we’ll walk you step-by-step, day by day through the entire process until you have a sweater you’ll love to wear.

Hat Design Masterclass • Mid October

Over the course of 3 days you’ll learn how to design a hat without a pattern. We’ll show you how to research stitch patterns, create test swatches, and turn your vision into a reality. Whether you want to publish your own patterns or just make them for fun, this masterclass will leave you with invaluable skills.

Sweater Knitting Bootcamp (Set-In Sleeve) • Jan-Mar 2024

We’ll be adding to our bootcamp with a new sweater option. During this bootcamp you’ll be able to use our perfect fit framework to knit a set-in sleeve sweater OR a top-down raglan.


Something new we’re introducing later this year is a virtual tour of knitting cultures from around the world. This will be an immersive experience where we dive into the knitting traditions, food, and sights from different regions. And our first one is an obvious choice…

Exploring Estonia • Nov 24-26

This Black Friday weekend we’ll be doing a virtual tour of Estonia. I’ll be taking you on a journey through my adopted home and it’s distinctive knitting. We’ll learn how to make Estonian mittens, Roositud colorwork, explore historic sites, Estonian cuisine and speak with famous local knitwear designers.


Back in 2017 I introduced a lifetime membership option to our classes. It’s an opportunity I have only opened up a couple times a year ever since. Today these are our Golden Fleece Circle members.

This gave lifetime access to our community and online classes, but not things like bootcamps, patterns, e-books, etc.

Today that changes.

I’m upgrading all current Golden Fleece Circle members to include access to EVERYTHING.

  • • All Yarnist patterns
  • • All Yarnist e-books
  • • All Live workshop
  • • All Academy classes
  • • All Bootcamps
  • • All Masterclasses
  • • All Virtual Weekends
  • • And any other digital things we do online

They’re also getting

  • • 15% discount on physical products (coming this winter)
  • • Early bird registration for in-person events

Why am I doing this?

I’m getting rid of the Lifetime membership.

Beginning this November I’ll be making a new All-Access Pass available that includes everything we produce in the next 365 days.

It will still be a great deal, but we’ll only offer it twice a year. 


I’m making Golden Fleece Membership available ONE LAST TIME.

It’s not cheap.

It’s $720.

But you’ll see AT LEAST that much value in just 1 year.

If you’re interested in upgrading clicking one of the links below.

If you have any questions please email me by replying to any of our emails!

Thanks so much for being a part of this community and I hope to see you in the Golden Fleece Circle!

– Johnny


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