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How to Knit Backwards

Example of Knitting Backwards

About This Technique

Knitting backwards is knitting from the left to right (right to left for left handers) and can be substituted for a purl row in stockinette, allowing you to never turn your work. It’s also commonly used in entrelac knitting, where it would be difficult to continuing flipping your work to knit each side. If you don’t like turning your work or just want to try something different, this is the technique for you.

[Video] Technique Tutorial

Technique Instructions

  • Step 1:At the end of your right side row, take main needle in your non-dominate hand (now it will become the working needle), insert working needle into first stitch on main needle into back of loop.
  • Step 2: Wrap yarn over the top and back around the working needle.
  • Step 3: Pull stitch toward you and through the stitch.
  • Step 4: Let stitch drop off the needle.

Repeat steps 1-4 until you have completed the row.

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