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The Story

The Yarnist is a daily knitting newsletter dedicated to exploring the world of knitting culture.

We love finding unusual yarn fibers, unique knitting tools, and knitting murder mystery novels. Our goal is to make you a better, more informed knitter in just 5 minutes a day. And we always leave you with a smile.

In 2024 we need your help to create the best knitting content online.

Your support allows us to focus on doing research, writing great articles, and explore knitting experiments not given much coverage. We strive to shine a light on unknown artists and techniques, and give you unbiased recommendations on the products you use most.

We’re breaking up 2024 into 3 seasons. 

Each 17 week season will have its own focus. We’ll still cover a variety of topics, but there will be a common *thread* from week to week.

Season 1: Stitches

For our first season of 2024 we’re going back to our roots.

This whole thing started back in 2011 with the launch of our first site, New Stitch a Day. While we still honor that humble beginning with our Daily Stitch feature, we’re going to dive deeper this year.

Each week we’ll examine a different type of knitting stitch, building on what we’ve learned the week before. We’ll show how concepts like spacing, swapping, and slipping stitches change the texture of your knitted fabric.

By the end of this season you’ll have a new understanding of stitch patterns. Plus you’ll have the skills and practice necessary to tackle more advanced stitches like gathers and threading.

The Goal

My goal is to raise $16,000 (USD) to help with our operating costs over the next 4 months. This will allow me to focus my attention on researching and writing the newsletter, and provide some space to develop our podcast relaunch.

This money will not be used to directly fund new initiatives, products, or purchasing equipment. Its purpose is to cover a portion of our operating expenses, including web hosting, software subscriptions, tools and labor used to put together and distribute the newsletter. 

We will still offer classes, bootcamps, and our membership for sale but with limited promotion. We may also take on some select sponsors if they are a good fit. However, any additional funds can be directed toward growing our team, including hiring additional writers.

It will also allow the New Stitch A Day website to stay relatively ad free.

The Stretch Goals • $18,000

If we are able to sell out the reward levels we have made available we will raise a little more than our stated goal. In case this happens we will unlock two bonuses for all people who contribute to the campaign.


If we pass this milestone I’ll host a FREE workshop for ALL contributors on planning your best Knit Year ever. We’ll create a simple plan to help you get the most out of your knitting in 2024. If you have something you want to tick off your knitting bucket list, a new skill you want to try, or just improve your over all output, this is the workshop for you.


In preparation for publishing Yarnist Magazine a few years ago, I did A LOT of interviews. 

For many reasons I was not able to publish those recordings as planned. But they’re still sitting on my hard drive collection dust. If we cross this goal then I will dust these off, get them cleaned up, and send them to all our contributors.

I also have a couple unreleased episodes of Yarn Talk with my cohost Margaret, which I decided not to publish after she stepped away from the show. I’ll include these as well.

All together there is more than 6 hours of unreleased content.

The Rewards

To show thanks for your support we’ve put together some product bundles. These come from items left over from our previous Zephyr and Mist yarn campaigns, and items we had in our yarn store.

Yarn colors are limited and will be chosen at random as we do not have a way to offer yarn selection through this platform. 

Here’s a list of the items that are available:

Unlock Yarnist Insider Access

Recently we started including a bonus section of the newsletter. It includes links to extra, interesting content we've found online. It can be an inspirational video, useful tutorial, or artist doing crazy things with yarn. Everyone who contributes, no matter how much, will unlock this bonus section of the newsletter.

Measure Twice, Knit Once Gauge Ruler

This solid wood gauge ruler is exactly 4 inches long. Not only does that make it perfect for measuring gauge, but it also fits in any notions pouch. With laser etched markings in imperial and metric, this has become my favorite gauge tool.

Removable Stitch Markers

Simple but incredibly useful, these stitch markers get the job done. This pouch includes 20 stainless steel pin style removable stitch markers. Great for everything from marking increases, pattern repeats, the beginning of the round, or pinning item together to seam. I even use them for Portuguese knitting!

Block Print Mini-Project Bag

These useful little sacks are perfect for storing small amounts of yarn or quick projects. Made from hand carved stamps, each bag is unique. We have multiple designs which will be chosen at random.

"I Support American Made Yarn" Project Tote

Originally made for our Zephyr yarn campaign back in 2015, these project totes declare a commitment to American made yarn. If there's one thing we're most proud of when making our yarn lines, it was that everything was sourced and made in America. We have two designs which will be chosen at random.

Zephyr DK Yarn • 50g | 134yds

Zephyr is our now discontinued yarn line produced in 2015. Made from 55% Premium Texas Wool and 45% High Quality California Cotton this yarn is 100% American Made. It is a lightly spun 3 ply DK weight yarn from a woolen mill in Wisconsin. It was originally dyed in 16 colors from a dye house in Maine. The fiber blend takes dye at different rates, giving the yarn a heather coloring. We only have a limited selection of colors left, so colors will be chosen at random.

Mist Fingering Yarn • 50g | 268yds

Based on our popular Zephyr yarn, this fingering weight version is only 2 ply. Being lightly spun this yarn is more fragile. But if you can be gentle it creates some beautiful, lofty lace projects that feel like they'll float away.

Zephyr & Mist Colors (not all in stock)

Zephyr Sweater Bundle Colors

Meyer (Color is darker IRL)

Alternative Mini-Bag Designs

Alternative Tote Designs

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Donation Tax Deductible?
No, The Yarnist is not a non-profit. Donor is not the best term for this campaign. Your contribution to the campaign is more as a supporter or patron of our work.

Why not use a platform like Patreon for this?
There are three reasons why we are not using Patreon:

  1. They take an 8% cut of all revenue.
  2. They primarily offer subscriptions and we wanted this campaign to have a set end date.
  3. We don’t want to manage another platform as we already have a membership option available.

When will I receive my reward?
We will start shipping items shortly after the campaign ends. They are already being packed and will be sent starting the second week of January.

Can I choose my yarn color or bag design?
In an effort to streamline this process and ensure items are sent out quickly, we are selecting colors and designs at random. We don’t have a current inventory of every item so this also ensures we don’t oversell colors that we only have a couple skeins of.

How do I enter the LIFETIME Yarnist+ Giveaway?
You can donate to our campaign for a chance to win, or you can send an email to hello@yarnist.co asking to be included in the giveaway. You must be at least 18 years old to enter and giveaways must be legal in your state or country.


Choose your amount

If you do not wish to receive a reward or you live outside of North America, you can use the button below to choose your support level.
As a thank you we will unlock a bonus section of the newsletter called Yarnist Insider.

Available Rewards

Only shipping to the US and Canada

Gauge Ruler • $1 per week

Total donation of $17 (USD)

2 Items included

• Unlock Yarnist Insider
• 4" Wooden gauge ruler

Ships Mid-January 2024 • Limited Quantity of 50

Mini-Project Bag • $2 per week

Total donation of $34 (USD)

3 Items included

• Unlock Yarnist Insider • 4" Wooden Gauge Ruler
• 1 Block Print Project Bag

Ships Mid-January 2024 • Limited Quantity of 50

Zephyr Skein • $0.50 per day

Total donation of $61 (USD)

5 Items included

• Unlock Yarnist Insider • 4" Wooden Gauge Ruler
• 20 Stitch Markers • 1 Block Print Project Bag
• 1 Skein Zephyr Yarn • Bonus Gift

Ships Mid-January 2024 • Limited Quantity of 50

Yarn Bundle • $0.75 per day

Total donation of $91.50 (USD)

9 Items included

• Unlock Yarnist Insider • 4" Wooden Gauge Ruler
• 20 Stitch Markers • 1 Block Print Project Bag
• 1 Project Tote • 2 Skeins Zephyr Yarn • 1 mini skein Zephyr • 1 Skein Mist Yarn • Bonus Gift

Ships Mid-January 2024 • Limited Quantity of 50

Big Yarn Bundle • $1 per day

Total donation of $122 (USD)

12 Items included

• Unlock Yarnist Insider • 4" Wooden Gauge Ruler
• 20 Stitch Markers • 2 Block Print Project Bags
• 1 Project Tote • 3 Skeins Zephyr Yarn
• 2 Skeins Mist Yarn • Bonus Gift

Ships Mid-January 2024 • Limited Quantity of 30

Sweater Yarn Bundle • $1.50 per day

Total donation of $183 (USD)

19 Items included

• Unlock Yarnist Insider • 4" Wooden Gauge Ruler
• 20 Stitch Markers • 2 Block Print Project Bags
• 1 NSAD Project Tote • 10 Skeins Zephyr Yarn
• 2 Skeins Mist Yarn • Bonus Gift

Ships Mid-January 2024 • Limited Quantity of 10