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The Crown Edging Stitch

The Crown Edging Border Stitch
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About This Stitch Pattern

The Crown Edging Stitch is a border pattern that is a unique take on the picot bind-off. It creates an edge with large chain like loops that form peaks similar to a crown. This edging works great as an add on to a blanket or sweater, or on it’s own as knit jewelry.

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Techniques Used in this Stitch

Stitch Pattern Details

Skill Level


Row Repeat


Stitch Repeat


Stitch Pattern Instructions

Cast On: Multiples of 5

Row 1 (RS):
Row 2:
Bind off first 2 sts, *slip st remaining on working needle onto main needle, [cast on 2 sts, bind off next 2 sts, slip remaining st onto main needless before] 3 times, cast on 2 sts, bind off 6 sts; rep from * to end and bind off remaining st.

These 2 rows form the edging.

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