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Slip Stitch Rib

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About This Stitch Pattern

The Slip Stitch Rib is a simple little rib pattern. This stitch would be a great option for making pillow slips, throws, and scarfs.

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Techniques Used in this Stitch

Stitch Pattern Details

Skill Level


Row Repeat


Stitch Repeat

Multiples of 2 + 1

Stitch Pattern Instructions

Cast On: Multiples of 2 + 1

    • Row 1: Purl.
    • Row 2: K1, *wyif, sl 1 purlwise, wyib, k1; rep from * to end

Repeat these 2 rows until you have reached your desired length.

Stitch Pattern Swatch Photos

Example of the Slip Stitch Rib Right Side

Example of the Slip Stitch Rib Wrong Side

Stitch Pattern Attributes

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