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How to Knit The Knit Stitch


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The knit stitch is the most basic stitch a knitter can learn. It is from this stitch that all other stitches are made. The knit stitch consists of pulling a loop of yarn through an existing loop on the needle. Here are some step by step instructions for how this is accomplished.

Step 1: Cast on one row of stitches. How many stitches you cast on will be determined by your pattern.

Step 2: Take the needle with the stitches on it in your non dominant hand.

Step 3: Take the string of yarn hanging from the tip of your needle in your empty hand. You may want to wrap it through your fingers to control its tension as you knit.

Step 4: Pick up your other knitting needle with the hand holding the yarn.

Step 5: Take the tip of the needle you just picked up and insert it into the first stitch under the needle with the stitches on it. Insert the needle at angle so your needles cross forming an x.

Step 6: With your non dominate hand hold the two needle where they intersect.

Step 7: Take the yarn that is in your dominate hand bring it behind the needle on the bottom. Then wrap it it over the needle.

Step 8: Grab the bottom needle with your empty hand and put some tension on the yarn.

Step 9: Bring the bottom needle back through the stitch toward you, pulling the yarn through as you go.

Step 10: Transfer the stitch from your cast on needle by sliding the stitch off.

Repeat steps 5 – 10 until you have finished your row.

It may be frustrating at first but with some practice many people can do the knit stitch without looking. Just go slow until it becomes more comfortable. You will find your own style and method along the way.

Once you have finished your row and transferred all your stitches switch hands and start the row. This is called turning your work. When you continue to knit on your next row it is called the Garter Stitch.

Most patterns will refer to the knit stitch with the abbreviation “k”

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