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17 Best Lace Shawl Patterns for Summer Knitting

Best Lace Shawl Knitting Patterns for Summer

Why lace shawls are the perfect summer knitting project

Many people give up knitting for gardening over the summer. For them, the warmth of wool sliding through their fingers isn’t an ideal way to spend a hot afternoon. But for others knitting is the perfect way to relax in the shade or by the pool. The question is what to knit?

Socks are often considered a good portable option. Those who think ahead might get a jumpstart on their Christmas projects. But we think shawls are the perfect summer knitting project. Particularly lace shawls made in a sock yarn with a nice cotton or linen blend.

What makes lace shawls the ideal summer knitting project is their versatility:

  • – They can be worn as a coverup for your bathing suit at the beach
  • – They help shade you from the hot summer sun
  • – They’re lightweight and portable so they travel easily
  • – They can double as a cozy wrap when sitting around the campfire
  • – Most shawl patterns are relatively quick and easy to knit
  • – And they’re gorgeous to look at

Now the only hard part is figuring out which pattern is the right one for you…

Our Favorite Lace Shawl Knitting Patterns for Summer

We’ve scoured the interwebs to find some of the best knitting patterns for lace shawls. All of these patterns needed to include at least some lace elements. The majority are geared toward beginner knitters who are just wanting to experiment with knitting lace shawls, but we’ve also highlighted a few advanced patterns.

While we have included a few free patterns, it is our opinion that you get what you pay for. We strive to promote great design, so we encourage you to support the designers featured here by buying their patterns. Where possible, we’ve also included resources where you can buy kits to make life a little easier.

That being said, when you click some of the links in this list, we may get a small commission when you make a purchase.

Ok! Enough chit-chat. Let’s check out these shawls!

List of Lace Shawl Patterns in this article

1. Sweetgum Shawl

Sweetgum Lace Shawl knitting pattern
© Yarnist

Designed by: Margaret Weinert-Lishner

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner-ish [2.5 of 5]

This simple lace shawl is inspired by the hanging branches of the Sweetgum trees found in Savannah, Georgia. Using an all-over eyelet mesh, this triangle shawl is a great option for beginner knitters who want a light, quick project to take on the road. Not to mention, it looks pretty stylish too.

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2. Beachcomber Shawl

© Chelsea Berkompas

Designed by: Chelsea Berkompas

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner [2 of 5]

This oversized, asymmetrical shawl again combines garter stitch stripes with sections of simple lace. It’s finished with a cute little picot bind off giving it a bit of flair. Take this lightweight project to the beach to cover up your bathing suit, or give some additional warmth at the bonfire.

3. Tilted Tiles Shawl

© Meaghan Schmaltz

Designed by: Meaghan Schmaltz

Pattern Difficulty: Intermediate [3 of 5]

We’re big fans of mixing different textures, and this lace shawl is no exception. This pattern alternates between columns of lace and rows of garter stitch. The result is a bold graphic design that does not get in the way of its interesting color changes. This squishy, cozy oversized wrap is perfect accessory to a night around the campfire roasting s’mores.

4. Cosmos Wrap

© Jessica Reeves Potasz

Designed by: Jessica Potasz

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner [2 of 5]

The Cosmos wrap is a customizable lace shawl that alternates between a variety of textured stitch patterns. This pattern’s name is inspired by how all these different textures combine together to create one cohesive universe of stitches. Because this is a rectangular shawl, it’s perfect for beginners who don’t want to mess around with shaping or knitters who want something to work on mindlessly.

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5. Some ME Time Shawl

© Joji Locatelli

Designed by: Joji Locatelli

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner-ish [2.5 of 5]

We love the combination of geometric squares with a more organic wavy lace. This lace shawl was designed to be a meditative project for those moments you just need some ME time. While the pattern looks complex, it’s created through simple repeats that allow you to focus on you and not think about the knitting.

Sounds like a perfect project to knit while relaxing by the water.

6. Wild Swan Shawl

© Anne-Lise Maigaard & Nim Teasdale

Designed by: Anne-Lise Maigaard & Nim Teasdale

Pattern Difficulty: Advanced [4 of 5]

Inspired by the elegant wild swans that grace the lakes of southern Sweden, this intricate lace shawl will keep you busy all summer long. It was originally designed as part of New Years Make-A-Long but has become a popular example of how amazing lace can be. This project does a particularly great job of showing of gradient style yarns.

7. Kosaten Shawl

© Yarnist

Designed by: Johnny Vasquez

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner-ish [2.5 of 5]

Named after the Japanese word for “intersect” this triangle shawl continues our fascination with garter stitch and lace. The lace lattice give the illusion of weaving through diagonal sections of garter stitch. The result is a simple lace shawl that is fun and easy to knit. Definitely a project to put in your beach bag!

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8. Traveling Woman Shawl

© Feministy

Designed by: Liz Abinante

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner-ish [2.5 of 5]

Sometimes you need to pay respect to those that have come before. This shawl made a splash when it was first released back in 2009, but it’s still a great example of what makes lace shawls so special. Inspired by the song “Traveling Woman” it represents the tangled web of love and all of its highs and lows. If you’re planning on traveling this summer, this shawl might be the perfect way to remind yourself not to lose yourself in Julio’s gorgeous brown Spanish eyes.

Ah…Julio…we’ll always have Barcelona.

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9. Coffee Shop Wrap

© Two Of Wands

Designed by: Alexandra Tavel

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner [2 of 5]

It doesn’t get much more simple than this triangle shawl that screams hipster. With its cool color palette and simple eyelet and garter stitch texture, you’ll look effortlessly cool while sipping on your oat milk nitro cold brew lavender latte. If you want to knit something your zoomer grandkids will fight over, this is probably your best bet.

10. Sherbet Fizz Shawl

© Ambah O’Brien

Designed by: Ambah O’Brien

Pattern Difficulty: Intermediate [3 of 5]

While this project is more inspired by ice cream soda it reminds us of crazy seashells found on tropical shores. Alternating between, you guessed it, garter stitch and lace fans, this shawl looks much more complicated than it is. With versions that can be knit in multiple weights of yarn, and different yardages, this is a great versatile project for your next cruise to the Bahamas.

11. Both Sides Now Shawl

© Knit Picks

Designed by: Michele Lee Bernstein

Difficulty: Advanced [4 of 5]

This is not strictly a lace shawl, but the airy nature of it’s two-color brioche pattern made it a natural fit for this list. Inspired by the organic shapes of twigs and leaves, this reversible crescent shawl is a great way to explore brioche stitch patterns. And with two size options you can have something nice and cozy to wrap around yourself at the campfire.

12. Rosewater Shawl

© Woolenberry

Designed by: Janina Kallio

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner [2 of 5]

If you want a quick knit that flies effortlessly off the needles, then this is the lace shawl pattern for you. This semi-circle shawl starts with garter stitch and ends with a simple combination of drop stitches and fishnet lace. The result is a project that you’ll want to knit again and again, perfect for an afternoon by the pool.

13. Oak Forest Shawl

© Ksenia Naidyon

Designed by: Ksenia Naidyon

Difficulty: Intermediate [3 of 5]

This light and airy lace shawl takes its inspiration from the sun beams that pierce through the oak forests of California. Unlike most shawls, this project is knit from side to side. This allows for the creation of rows of lace that are turned on their side to make vertical lines. The result is visually striking and gives this shawl a unique look that folks will be drooling over at the local farmers market.

14. Stevie Wrap

© Two Of Wands

Designed by: Alexandra Tavel

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner [2 of 5]

There’s nothing like a summer sunset with a little Stevie Nicks playing in the background. This bohemian lace shawl captures the feeling of that moment perfectly. Knit on big needles with sections of drop stitch, this project works up in not time at all. You can knit it on a road trip to your next music festival and feel like you’re On The Edge of Seventeen again.

15. Good Vibes Shawl

© NCL Knits

Designed by: Nadia Crétin-Léchenne

Pattern Difficulty: Intermediate [3 of 5]

Summers in Paris are nothing but good vibes – drinking wine on the Champ de Mars while listening to some Johnny Hallyday and staring up at the Eiffel Tower. This French pattern (also in English) does a great job of capturing the feeling of breezy, sunny afternoon walks along the Seine. The crescent shape is complimented by the garter stitch stripes and lace panels, giving this shawl an elegant feel.

16. Prayer For Paris Shawl

© Yarnist

Designed by: Johnny Vasquez

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner [2 of 5]

Originally designed to honor the tragic burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in 2019, this prayer shawl is a great summer project. Knit on big yarn using a gothic inspired lace pattern, the rectangular shape makes this shawl perfect for beginners as well.

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17. On The Horizon Wrap

© Two Of Wands

Designed by: Alexandra Tavel

Pattern Difficulty: Beginner [2 of 5]

Two of Wands knows how to capture the bohemian spirit, and this simple fishnet lace shawl is no exception. Whether you’re wearing it on a barefoot walk down the beach or on a hike through a National Park, this project is the perfect accessory. This is another great beginner shawl project, especially if you want something lighter with larger lace panels to work with.


We definitely think that every season is knitting season and these patterns should inspire you to try knitting a shawl this summer.

Whether you knit one of these shawls, check out our Summer Knitting Bundle, or just take a break from knitting for a couple months, we hope you found this post useful.

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