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Left Twist Stitch (LT)

Example of the Left Twist Knitting Stitch used in the twisted cable rib stitch
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About This Technique

Stitch Abbreviation: LT

Technique Difficulty: 3 of 5

Complimentary Stitches: Right Twist Stitch

Substitution Stitches: 1/1 LC – 1 over 1 left cross | C2F – Cable 2 Forward

The left twist stitch is a mock cable. By knitting stitches out of order, a twist can be created in the fabric. It’s more efficient than a 1/1 Cable Left or Cable 2 Forward and can be used in place of those stitches. Just like other cable stitches, the left twist stitch can be stacked close together for a spiral effect, or spaced further apart for a traditional cable look. This is a great technique to use in 2×2 ribbing to add a little flair to your project.

[Video] Technique Tutorial

Technique Instructions

  • Step 1: Insert your needle into the second stitch on your main needle through the back loop and knit the stitch, leaving it on the needle.
  • Step 2: Bring your working needle around the front of your work and insert your needle into the first stitch knitwise and knit the stitch as normal.
  • Step 3: Slip both stitches off the main needle together.

Example Photos

Technique Attributes

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