Veil Stitch

Veil Stitch Knitting Stitch Pattern

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The Veil Stitch lace pattern creates a web of interlocking loops that is very open and airy. It is a great pattern for shawls, wraps, and even market bags.

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Row Repeat


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Stitch Pattern Instructions

Cast On: Any number of stitches

Step 1:
Insert your working needle into the stitch knitwise.
Step 2:
Wrap the working yarn around the working needle coming under the needle first and then over.
Step 3:
Bring the working yarn under the main needle and then over it.
Step 4:
Wrap the working yarn around the working needle once more in the same direction as the first time.
Step 5:
Work the second wrap through the stitch as normal.
Step 6:
Pull the stitch off the main needle.

Repeat steps 1 – 6 for each stitch in the row.

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