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Cable Cast On

About This Technique

The Cable Cast On is a technique to start your project with a strong, durable edge. Each stitch is pulled through the previous stitch, creating a spiraling cable effect. This gives the cast on edge extra resiliency that’s perfect for projects that see lots of wear and tear. The cable cast on is great for hat brims and cuffs Matching Bind Off: The Cable Bind Off Related Cast Ons: The Alternating Cable Cast On

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Technique Instructions

  • Step 1: Take your yarn and make a slip knot, then place it on your knitting needle. Make sure there is few inches on your tail so you can sew it in later.
  • Step 2: Take your other needle in your dominant hand and insert the tip of the needle into the front leg of the stitch, knitwise. Insert the needle at an angle forming an “X”.
  • Step 3: With your non-dominant hand hold the needles together where they intersect.
  • Step 4: With your dominant hand, take the yarn connected to the yarn ball and wrap if around the bottom needle.
  • Step 5: Pull the yarn through the slip knot with the needle, making sure to stretch the yarn as you go, creating a large loop.
  • Step 6: Take the loop and place it on the main needle.
  • Step 7: With your dominant hand, insert the knitting needle between the first and second stitches at angle, again forming an “X”.
  • Step 8: Wrap the yarn around the bottom needle again.
  • Step 9: Pull the yarn through the gap in between the two stitches on the main needle, making sure to stretch the yarn, creating a large loop.
  • Step 10: Take the loop and place it on the main needle.

Repeat steps 7-10 until required number of stitches is reached.

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