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Rose Garden Cable Stitch

The Rose Garden Cable Stitch

About This Stitch Pattern

The rose garden cable stitch is a simple cable pattern consisting of a central column, framed by columns of twisted stockinette ribs. The result is a fabric that looks a bit like a rose garden. This stitch can be used as a panel, or worked all over to be used in blankets, scarves, or even hats.

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Row Repeat


Stitch Repeat


Stitch Pattern Instructions

Cast On: Multiples of 9 + 5.

Row 1 (RS):
P2, KTBl, p2, *k4, p2, KTBl, p2; Rep from *to end
Row 2:
K2, PTBl, k2, *p4, k2, PTBl, k2; Rep from * to end
Row 3:
P2, KTBl, p2, *C4B, p2, KTBl, p2: Rep from * to end
Row 4:
K2, PTBl, k2, *p4, k2, PTBl, k2; Rep from * to end

Repeat these 4 rows until you have reached your desired length.

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